Surf School to the Olympics!

With surfing now included in the vast array of Summer Olympic contests, the sport is becoming more recognized than ever before. Learning to surf and developing a foundation of the fundamentals at an early age could pave the way for anyone to work their way to the highest level of international competition. Pacific Surf School focuses on taking each surfer and helping them improve with each lesson, whatever their skill set.

The birth of Surfing in the Olympic Games has boosted the popularity of the sport immensely. More and more young people are finding their way to a wave to get in on the action. Learning to surf by oneself can be extremely challenging considering all of the factors that apply. Learning ideal conditions of the waves, choosing the right board, and becoming comfortable with solid fundamentals are all facets that take time for everyone. Working with Pacific Surf School and our team of professional Surf Coaches, the process can become much quicker!

Although surfing is an individual sport with one-on-one competition, the camaraderie developed in the lineup is similar to what is experienced playing on a team. Learning to respect one another in the water, while developing confidence and composure through a crowd of surfers is another focal point of Pacific Surf School. The relationships that are developed in the water are often lasting, and spending time in the water with peers offers plenty of friendly competition.

Whether you are a beginner looking for a surfing lesson that hammers down the fundamentals, ocean safety, and board management in the water, or an advanced student looking to sharpen out turns, Pacific Surf School has a surf instructor ready and able to take your surfing up a notch! Kids summer camp, as well as after-school programs are also available each week to help young surfers network with other groms in their communities.

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