Surf Vacation Anyone?

Surfing is an incredible hobby. All around the world, people are discovering the sport, along with new waves and surfing destinations. Some of the most beautiful areas for travel and leisure are also prime surfing locations.

 Of course, Hawaii and California are most often considered when it comes to surfing in the United States; however, the growing popularity has incited enormous crowds at each of the known breaks in both states for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers.

Surfers who want to escape the chaos of dodging boards and fins while maneuvering their way through the lineup need only keep reading for some insight on where you can disappear to, so you can practice some new surf skills or even learn how to surf

Pacific Surf School Locations

By now, most surfers have seen the epic waves of Costa Rica, thanks in no small part to social media influence. Pacific Surf offers services in Playa Tamarindo, a premier beach for warm water and beautiful waves. Immerse yourself in the wonderful Latin American culture between surf lessons, and enjoy the amenities of this marvelous land. 

Nicaragua is another country offering world-class surf and beauty beyond comparison. Pacific Surf is now serving Playa Colorado, Playa Santana, San Juan Del Sur, and some lesser-known local breaks! Pacific Surf provides an exclusive Surf n’ Stay package in Nicaragua, easing the strain of finding lodging. With easy access to the waves you are hunting, the Surf n’ Stay option makes for a worry-free surf journey for any surfer looking to ‘get out of dodge.’

For more information on the services, Pacific Surf provides, check out our website.

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Written by Caleb Dolloff

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