Why Nicaragua Should Be Your Next Travel Destination!

Why should Nicaragua be your next travel destination regardless of your surf ability? This blog will hopefully convince you that Nicaragua is the next travel spot for you, your friends and/or your family. Nicaragua is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and best surf spots in the world. Not only are the beaches an easy sell but traveling though Nicaragua is a fairly inexpensive. There are plenty of things to do for people of all ages. Let’s start with my personal favorite… Food! Nicaragua has a variety of food ranging from the Pan De Vida bakery full of savory cinnamon raisin loaves to El Pollito Pescador, home of the country’s best fire roasted chicken. Some of our other recommendations food wise include Mauricio’s Pizzeria in San Juan, Doña Yolanda, Bambu Beach Club, and Barrio Cafe. All of these recommendations come from foodies that have lived in Nicaragua.

Now that your nice and hungry let’s talk about the many activities you can indulge in throughout the country. Obviously surfing is our favorite activity. The surf spots you will want to be aware of are La Barra, Playa Maderas, Colorado, Veracruz, Playa Hermosa, Popoyo, Panga Drops, Astillero Beach Break, Aschunchillo, and last but not least, Santana. If you are traveling to Nicaragua specially for the surf you are going to want to plan your trip between March and November. Other activities that you should be aware of are sailing, golfing, fishing, romantic horseback riding, zip-lining (a personal favorite), and hiking. Another activity, as silly as it sounds, is sliding down a live Volcano! Adventure seekers enjoy!

The nightlife in Nicaragua does not disappoint. Depending on your age and preferred social scene, Nicaragua has what your looking for. There is something going on nightly in San Juan del Sur. There are upscale bars with a dress code as wells as hole in the wall buildings where a shirt and shoes are optional. Crowds will gather on the streets to watch local bands and salsa dancing competitions.Our recommendations are Moods Club Lounge, Zona Rosa Metrocentro, Oxygene, and Barbaro!

Nicargua also pprovides a wide range of art and shopping. Metro Centro Mall in Managua has a touristy vibe providing everyone with trinkets and gifts to bring home to your loved ones or just to have as keepsake.Something that is probably important to mention is transportation. Most places are easily accessible by either boat, buss/tram or by car. There are car rental places throughout the country but boat is probably going to be your most scenic option.

Last thing I want to mention before you book your flights to Nicaragua is that there is a ton of real estate over there just waiting for you to purchase and build on. Hopefully I have convinced you that Nicaragua should be on your travel bucket list! Make sure to let us know if you find this guide helpful! Check out https://www.everydaynicaragua.com for more information on Nicaragua and the surf tours we provide.

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