Kids and Surfing. When to start?

Many parents are lovers of water sports and want to pass this passion on to their children, but their heads hang around questions like “What is the ideal age for them to start?” and “What are the right steps?”.
All of these questions and a few more are what we are about to answer next. Let’s start!

What are the benefits of this sport?

Surfing is a complete physical activity, as it not only works all the muscle groups in the body, but also helps develop lung capacity and cardiovascular resistance, being a great aerobic exercise for the children.

Also, surfing is very good for balance and posture of the little ones, providing healthy growth and helping to improve psychomotor aspects such as coordination and body awareness.

Not to mention the psychological benefits. Because it is a fun and ludic activity, it improves children’s self-esteem, their ability to concentrate, sleep, humor and also promotes social interaction.

At what age can children start practicing?

The recommendation is that the child needs to be at least 4 years to start surfing. This is because, usually, it is only after that age that the child has the necessary motor coordination to develop the movements.

Finally, as it is a sport practiced outdoors and in contact with nature, it awakens in the children a huge sense of respect and protection for the environment. So, is it or is it not a sport full of benefits?

If they don’t want it, don’t force it

Sometimes, parents tend to force children to perform certain activities under the premise that they should do sport. This is not only not suitable for starting a child in a sport, but it can also achieve an opposite result than expected – to end up fearing surfing and not wanting to go back on a board.

Children must learn at their own pace, they must never be forced. When they are ready, they will be the first to ask who they want to learn from. When will that time come? When they feel encouraged and confident to face the new challenge.

Count on professionals

Finally, one of the best advice we can give is to rely on professional to learn how to surf. Sometimes parents do not know how to deal with certain situations or how to transmit all the knowledge they have about the sport in question. It is at that moment when you must turn to a professional, they are prepared to teach and get the best out of the lesson.

In the early years of a child’s parental influence it is critical to creating connections with the sea, as no one else but them can gain that trust in a child, but as an external figure ages it can be a great idea to achieve full potential.

Currently, many surf schools have programs to help you you and your kids learn to surf, but certainly one of the most fun options is Surf Camps. Children will hang out for a few days with other children who have the same interest and passion in learning how to surf.

Check our our Surf Camp and have your kid learn how to surf with the best team in San Diego. They will be up and surfing in no time!

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