Surf Camp: Awesome Experience for Kids and Teenagers

Surfing is getting more popular each day and a huge number of kids and teenagers want to explore this cool sport.

Pacific Surf Schools Surf Camp is a great opportunity for those who want to learn the sport, interact with other kids and just have a great time. Our Surf Camp is designed for kids from 7 to 17 years old and you can choose what fits best to you and them, 3-day camp or 5- day camp.

During the week of the Surf Camp, the student will learn water safety, ocean awareness, correct surfing skills to ride waves and proper etiquette, all of that with certified surfing instructors. Our coaches are trained to work with young learners. They deliver information in a fun manner while paying special attention to safety.

Also, it is a great moment for them to bond with other kids and teenagers and make new friends!

In the 3-day Surf Camp, the student can have a taste of surfing by learning the fundamentals of the sport and having fun with other kids. In the 5-day Surf Camp, we go a little further, since we have more time we can tailor the lessons to improve the skills of the student. We also end with friendly surf competition between the students so they can show what they learned, and pizza!

Each day we will start with a fun lesson on a surf-related topic, followed by a quick warm-up, then a surf session.

This is a great experience for kids to bond and learn a healthy new activity that can help shape them into great individuals.

Come learn how to surf or improve your skills with Pacific Surf Schools Surf Camp.

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