Kelly Slater Wave Co. Updates

Kelly Slater Wave Co. has made some key updates to the wave park in Central California! Some of you readers may not even know what I am talking about so let me give a little background. Almost 2 years ago in December Kelly Slater released a video of himself surfing the artificial wave of every surfer’s dreams. Initially, Kelly’s criteria was an endless, six-foot wave, with a massive barrel. He wanted the wave to be competitive so that the best surfers in the world would be able to use his wave to practice and maybe one day compete. He along with a team of scientists were able to design and create just that. Of course, there was room for improvement. A few weeks ago Kelly Slater Wave CO. tweeted, “And the new right isn’t too bad either…” mentioning a few other professional surfers that got to test it out. Bethany Hamilton was one of those lucky riders. In a recent video that was released, Bethany says, “It’s actually like a dream because I’ve been waiting to work on my backside barrel and like today I got more backside barrels in one session than I have like ever I think.” She added, “My mind’s just been spinning with how so many surfers are gonna see this and be inspired to push their surfing by surfing this wave and to know that like surfers put this together, that’s pretty rad!”

Mick Fanning was another lucky surfer that got to test out the ranch. His initial statement after getting out of the water was, “That was like real. Didn’t feel like a wave pool, it felt like a real wave.” Gerry Lopez one of the people who helped create te phenomenon said, “It’s as pure as it gets.” I don’t know about you guys but I see a great future for the world of surfing lying right here at this surf ranch. Imagine the possibilities. Holding competitions at the highest levels there? Sounds pretty sweet to me.

Surfers from all over the world are making their way to Central California to see what the hype is all about. It’s an extremely attractive wave with a great reputation. SO why wouldn’t they? Even Slater himself couldn’t resist getting in the wave pool during his recovery period for his broken foot. You can check out a bunch of cool videos on the Kelly Slater Wave Co. website And even better, you can sign up with us for surf lessons today to start your training to one day be able to test out the Kelly Slater wave yourself!

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