Discover Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a small country in Central America with excellent waves for all tastes, from tubes and stone benches for the more experienced, to easier beach breaks for beginners. Mind-blowing views and abundant nature make up the mood of the place, not to mention the hospitality you get from the local people.

For the vast majority, paradise has white sand, green water, sun, and tubes of up to 6 feet opening to both sides. If that is what paradise looks like for you, know that Nicaragua should be at the top of your list for surf trips for the next season.

Located between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America in terms of territory and has numerous waves to be explored. Its beach breaks are internationally famous due to their constancy, power, and excellent formation, offering tubes and more tubes with little competition. 

Best season

March to September


If you are an experienced surfer we recommend you take a quiver of four boards, with the smallest ranging from 5’8″ to 6’0″ and the largest up to 6’5″, in case of any swell above 6 feet.

If you are not an experience surfer, Nicaragua is a great place to learn how to surf. You will be able to find surf schools prepared to teach newbies how to surf.


Nicaragua’s water is warm and soothing. There is no need for a wetsuit as the water is warm all year round. Only a rashguard is advisable for the days with the strongest wind.

Where to stay 

We recommend staying at Hacienda Iguana in Playa Colorado. The spot offers the best surfing conditions in the region with great tubes at the right tide. The Resort has all the infrastructure and security. Evenings at the pool by the sea enjoying the sunset sun make the stay magical. 

Best beaches

Playa Colorado, Popoyo and Rancho Santana

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