7 Things You Should Look for When Booking a Surf School in San Diego

Want to learn to surf in Southern California? Then check out our following article for more information about the 7 things you should look for when booking a lesson at a surf school in San Diego.

First of all, we’d like to congratulate you on making the decision to learn to surf. Even though just about everyone would love to try it, the truth is that only a select few ever actually follow through with their curiosity. To us here at Pacific Surf, this makes you incredibly special and we’re stoked that you’re willing to give it a shot!

As you may already know, surfing is unlike many other sports and pastimes. This means it isn’t easily mastered, and even the fundamentals can prove to be difficult to pick up for individuals that would consider themselves athletic. For this reason, we recommend scheduling a session with a local surf school.

So, with that in mind, here are 7 things you should look for when booking a lesson at a surf school in San Diego.

Friendly instructors

You’ll never learn from an instructor that simply yells at you from the beach and offers no encouragement. For this reason, we only employ instructors who are approachable as well as knowledgeable. Not only does this make your “learn to surf experience” more enjoyable, but you’ll also progress much quicker.

Quality equipment

Learning to surf is hard enough without poor or faulty equipment complicating the experience.

Luckily for you, we here at Pacific Surf stock soft-top surfboards, wetsuits, rash guards, and leashes that will enhance your performance in beginner waves. But, keep in mind when booking a surf school in San Diego that not all surf lesson providers are created equal.

Great track record

A great track record is like a beacon of good business. As such, you should do your research when booking a surf school in San Diego and only go with accredited surf lesson providers that feature excellent Trip Advisor reviews. Pacific Surf, for example, has been honored as San Diego’s Best General Interest and Recreational School in the reader’s poll by the San Diego Union-Tribune, which more than cement our reputation as a reliable surf school.

Choice of lesson types

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to the learn to surf experience, which is one of the reasons why we offer a range of lesson types to suit all preferences. Prefer small groups? Then perhaps a semi-private lesson is perfect for you. Want one-on-one instruction? The private lesson will be right up your alley. Keen to learn to surf with a crowd? Check out our group surf lesson packages we currently offer.

A “Stand Up” guarantee

There aren’t many things in this life that are guaranteed, but with Pacific Surf you can rest assured we’ll get you on your feet by the end of the lesson. In fact, we’re so confident that we will have you surfing before your session is over that we even include a “Stand Up” guarantee on our site. Talk about getting what you paid for, right?

Experienced team

When booking at a surf school in San Diego, special consideration should be given to the team you’re booking with. In relation to Pacific Surf, every member of our team is certified in CPR, first aid and have a Level 1 or higher surfing coaching accreditation. Not to mention that as a surf school we’ve also taught more than 40,000 students since 1997.

Affordable lesson packages

Surfing is a pastime for everyone to enjoy and as such, we believe in providing you with a range of affordable packages to choose from when booking a lesson at a surf school in San Diego. Check out some of the pricing information on our website when it comes to our group, semi-private and private lessons, or send us a message for more details about seasonal specials.

Don’t waste time with other surf lesson providers. When it comes to booking a surf school in San Diego, your number one pick should be Pacific Surf!

By Lachland Campbell

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