“Tubular” The Art of Getting Barreled

Getting barreled…

Sunny, warm air, refreshing glassy water, and barrels! Every surfers dream beach day. Talk to any salty haired, sandy foot, beach bum, and they will tell you. Tubes are the epitome of getting “stoked”. What does it take to get barreled you say? It’s an art. Lets start with the basics. Location, location, location. You can’t get barreled in an over head tube if there’s no waves. Picking a choice surf spot is just as important as picking the right board. Luckily it’s 2017 and we have access to surf cams. Type in Surfline to your browser and pick any spot to check the waves. Wind duration is another factor when it comes to getting barreled, the longer the wind blows the larger the wave. Fetch, the greater the area the wind affects the larger the wave. The tides, high tide vs low tide. The tides are being pushed and pulled by the moon, which shape the swells. Typically, Mid-tide = good barrels. Once again, Surfline to the rescue.

So, what does “the right board” mean? I’m glad you asked. To get the most out of your epic tube ride you’ll need a surf board that fits your needs. Typically the best board for a barrel is a rounded pin tail. One that is an inch or two bigger than a normal sized board to fit your measurements. A little extra rocker doesn’t hurt, and you’ll be needing some foam under your chest. No, I’m not speaking a different language… Your local surf shop will be able to translate, and make sure you are well suited. Technique! What good is a prime location, perfect waves, and a custom board if you have no idea what you’re doing? Bend at the knee’s, NOT the hips! Keep your eyes OPEN! Confidence is KEY! Keep your fingers closed when paddling. Make sure you always have center gravity. Practice shifting your weight from your front foot to back foot. Learn to adjust your feet while riding the wave. Find your natural stance. Are you goofy foot or regular? Meaning, does it feel more comfortable with your right foot in front or your left? A lesson or two wouldn’t hurt either. Commit! Command yourself not to leave your new second home until you’ve mastered the tube. Location, condition, picking the right board, and technique. Your starter pack on how to get barreled. Don’t forget the wax! Stay hydrated and wear your sunscreen. Now, throw on that bikini or wet-suit and get totally tubular!

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