Where to Take Surf Lessons in San Diego, CA

Surfing lessons in San Diego are among the best coaching you can receive in the sport of surfing.

All permitted surf schools are required to see their instructors complete Water Safety Specialist training. The beautiful beaches and warm weather make for ideal learning conditions for surfing year-round. Pacific Surf has been conducting surf lessons in San Diego for over twenty years. With several locations to choose from, Pacific Surf operates in the most convenient areas throughout San Diego.

Pacific Beach is our operation headquarters. Our main office, along with our largest lesson location is nestled in the heart of the action on Pacific Beach Drive. The four-mile boardwalk spanning from Mission Beach to La Jolla passes through our permitted lesson area. Surrounded by some of the best restaurants and bars in San Diego, our Pacific Beach location provides more than enough action and entertainment.

Pacific Surf’s Mission Beach location is based at the southernmost point next to the Mission jetty. Mission Beach is an excellent location for a youth surf camp as it is less crowded, and spaced further away from the bar scene. For these reasons, we designate Mission as our primary surf camp station. A wide boardwalk friendly to pedestrians and cyclists makes for an easy commute throughout the beach areas.

The elegant town of La Jolla is yet another beautiful location to take a surfing lesson with Pacific Surf. The affluent community maintains some of the most gorgeous beaches and coves in all of California. There is no shortage of outdoor activities that encompass La Jolla. Hiking, snorkeling, kayak tours, and more options will offer you many adventures in the coastal area.

Ocean Beach provides the old-school feel of surfing in San Diego. Many locals maintain the peaceful vibes of the 1960s in a vibrant and modernized beach town. Pacific Surf School brings our world-class surfing experience to the lovely shores of Ocean Beach for anyone seeking a more nostalgic surfing scene. Home to the longest concrete pier on the entire West Coast, as well as a multitude of reputable restaurants and bars, Ocean Beach is yet another ideal destination to learn surfing.

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