Tips to Get Out of a Rip Current

There are several types of rip currents, varying in size, width, depth, shape, speed, and power. Surfers, as opposed to bathers, have a means of rescue (surfboard) that gives them more security in case they are pulled to the outside.

What are Rip Currents?

Rip Currents are very dangerous currents for swimmers or beginner surfers. The water always finds its balance, that is, after several waves break on the beach, the water returns to the sea through the place that causes less resistance (usually zones without waves and deeper). That is called a rip current.

How to identify a current?

The rip current can usually be identified by a different watercolor. Also, it will be an area that the ocean is insurgent and moving out of the sea.

What to do if you are pulled into a rip current?

  1. Keep calm, the reverse will only make you lose energy
  2. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help (as soon as possible)
  3. Draw a diagonal line in relation to the beach and look for the place that has the most waves
  4. Take advantage of the strength of the waves and use it in your favor
  5. Never, under any circumstances, drop your board

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Good waves!

Photo by Alejo Storni on Unsplash

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