Why Start With a Foam Board?

Is a foam board required to start surfing? Is this type of board only suitable for beginners? We will show you the many advantages of a foam surfboard, not only for the initiation into the sport, but also to evolve or have fun catching waves! Check out:

#1 Ideal for a smooth start

Stable, thanks to its greater volume, and easy to handle, the foam surfboard (soft board) is ideal for discovering the world of surfing, which is a sport that requires learning a lot of technique.

Surfing on foam board is easier and allows those who have never practiced this sport to quickly feel what surfing is all about.

#2 Adapted to small waves: anti-frustration

With this beginner board, you can catch more waves than with a short board, thanks to its greater volume. It is also a light board compared to its size.
Do not be ashamed to stay in the surf foam zone in this initial phase, all surfers have gone through this phase!

#3 Beginner’s board: resistant and economical

A foam board is more resistant than a short board and also requires less care. Also, foam is a material with greater durability that does not break and is not so prone to hurt in the inevitable falls.

It has yet another particularly important advantage for those starting a new sport: the price! The foam board is more accessible for those who do not intend to spend a lot of money, due to its simpler development than an epoxy or polyester surfboard.

#4 Ensure maximum safety

In addition to the price, the great advantage of a foam surfboard is the security it provides.

If you fall in the water or on the board, you will not be hurt as much, thanks to the polystyrene that will absorb the impacts. It is estimated that 60% of the injuries suffered in surfing originate from shocks with the board itself.

The same happens when the board escapes from the feet and hits another surfer. This type of board limits the risk of an accident, especially when surfing in the summer, a time when there is a greater concentration of people in the water.

#5 A surfboard that is still efficient

The image of foam boards is changing and so is their use. The label “for beginners” is less and less associated with this type of board, giving way to an approach more focused on technique and performance, targeting more experienced surfers, such as Gabriel Medina, who uses them for training.

#6 Have fun surfing and learn tricks

Surfing with a foam board when you have a good level of practice is an excellent way to have fun with friends and try new tricks without taking the risk of breaking the board or getting hurt.

This type of board is the ideal solution for the summer and most advanced spots, especially since the waves are usually smaller at this time of year. Explore the waves to the beach breaks and have fun with friends!

Pacific Surf School can tell you what surfing is all about. Come learn surfing with us and have a real Californian experience.

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