San Diego Surf Spots

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the beach! Surfing is seemingly omnipresent in San Diego all year round, from surf-themed bars and restaurants to clothing and art, but it is even more a part of our daily lives in the summer.  Whether you are an expert surfer or just looking to begin lessons, it’s important to know about the best San Diego surf spots.

Before taking surf lessons in San Diego it is important to understand that the more than 70 miles of coastline in the county can be divided into three distinct areas: the North County coastal region, the central coast, and the South Bay coast. Each has its own well-known beaches and breaks that offer unique experiences for surfers of all abilities.

The North County coastal region stretches from Del Mar up to Trestles. The majority of the beaches are south or southwest facing and spots like Swami’s, Tabletops, Lower, and Oceanside Harbor benefit from off-shore reefs, river mouths, and man-made jetties which allow for incredible breaks. These beaches are especially popular when a south swell comes in and combines with an offshore Santa Ana wind.

The central coast, stretching from Point Loma to Torrey Pines offers the most diversity in its breaks. For example, you may want to head out to the jetties in South Mission or Ocean Beach where fast walls benefit those with short boards and better agility. Long waves at Tourmaline provide a slower ride for longboarders while the rocky coast at Sunset Cliffs and La Jolla have numerous right and left breaks that make good surf possible during swells of different directions, tidal conditions, and sizes. Those looking for bigger waves can head out toward the submarine canyons at Black’s Beach or Scripps for big winter waves.

The South Bay, from Imperial Beach north to Coronado, is another area worth checking out after you’ve taken San Diego surf classes. The low sand beaches in this area can have formless waves which can be blown out by onshore wind, but when the surf is good it can be amazing. This is especially true in the south-facing north end of Coronado during the summer months.

Of course, finding the best surf spot is a matter of personal opinion. There are plenty of other breaks to choose from and some are far more crowded than others. Visit as many as you can and talk it over with more experienced friends to find your favorite. Be sure to also check the surf report before heading out to find out the direction of the swells and the times of high and low tide, as these factors can greatly affect the surf. Before long you will have a handful of favorite San Diego surf spots of your own. To sign up for surf lessons contact Pacific Surf today.

Photo by Sean Click on Unsplash

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