I surfed and loved it: what I need to start surfing regularly

So you went to the beach or waterpark and got your hands on a surfboard to give surfing a try and – like most people – you enjoyed what you did. The session ended before it could begin and now you’re back but you can’t get over the experience.

This is a natural feeling and it’s important that you don’t brush it off because surfing is only going to help you. It’s healthy, fun, and exciting.

Here’s all that you’ll need to start surfing regularly:

#1 Motivation

The most important thing is motivation, otherwise you will never be able to start surfing. The best way to find motivation is to work with a trainer who truly pushes you to put your best foot forward in the beginning.

We suggest that you take part in group classes as learning with others will allow you to build connections that may motivate you to be regular.

Plus, you can even learn how to surf with your partner. Surfing with your loved ones can bring you two closer, hence consider couple classes.

#2 Gear

You will have to buy a surfboard according to your specific requirements. For beginners we suggest WaveStorms, they are light foam longboards and are perfect for the start. Other items you may need include a leash, traction pad, leash and wetsuit. 

Our trainers can help you pick the right gear according to your height, weight, and requirements. This is very important because the wrong gear can lead to injuries and poor performance.

#3 Beach

You’ll need a beach that offers suitable waves to be able to surf regularly. Remember no two beaches are the same. Some may have soft waves and some may have powerful waves that are best suited for advanced surfers.

If you cannot find a suitable beach nearby then you can consider Surf N’ Stay packages. Moreover, wave pools can be a good choice as well. 

#4 Trainer

You will need a trainer to start surfing regularly. The trainer will teach you everything from how to stand on a surfboard to how to perform stunts. Work with a person who knows the art of surfing, is friendly, patient, and good at delivering the message. Having someone you can bounce ideas and ask for feedback is a great way to improve your surfing.

We welcome you to Pacific Surf, one of the largest surfing schools in California. Get in touch with us today if you want to start surfing regularly and let us help you grow as a surfer.

Photo by Zachary Shea on Unsplash

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