5 tips for beginners

Welcome to surf!

Stay on top of some essential tips that will provide you an easier and smoother initiation in the practice of the sport.

It is true that at the moment that you start something new, both fear and motivation dominate your mind. Therefore, you must be aware that being attentive – when the level of experience is low or almost none – is a mandatory condition. This way you can avoid problems and unpleasant surfing situations.

Read these tips carefully and share them with your friends. Good waves.

1.Never start alone

Many people try to start surfing on their own. This is possible, but it is far from the ideal situation. Surfing is a demanding sport, practiced in a constantly changing arena where unpredictability reigns. Therefore, we suggest you start the practice accompanied by more experienced people who can give the right tips on where to get in and out, where to catch the waves, escape currents and reefs, etc.

The ideal scenario always is to have a surfing lesson with an instructor. This way you can have someone to teach you about the sport, to give you all those tips above and the correct positions to not get injured.

Ultimately, evolution in surfing is always up to your persistence.

2.Ask the locals

This is a great thing to do when you get to the beach. Whether with lifeguards, surf schools or seasoned surfers, you are looking for information on the sea and waves. What is the best place for someone with little experience? The “locals” of each beach are very knowledgeable of their area, they know which currents predominate, where the rocks are located, the ideal place to get in and out, etc. Knowledge has never hurt anyone and in this case, it is highly encouraged.

3.Keep calm

Taking a dip in the ocean waves is not the same as surfing. Surfing is more demanding and sometimes requires experience – or in the absence of it, calmness. This is not easy to achieve, as each time the surfer falls, is dragged by the force of the wave and stays submerged for a few seconds, the tendency is to become increasingly tense and anxious. However, the ideal in such a situation is to relax the body and let yourself tumble with the wave. Fighting the force of the sea is definitely not the best option – it consumes more oxygen than usual and expends a lot of energy. When the wave passes, then try to surface again. The fall and the return to the surface usually don’t take longer than 5 seconds, but it is the act of being submerged and the inexperience makes the practitioner lose his tranquility.

4.Consciousness in the water

This one is about common sense. It’s a bit like driving – we’re not the only ones on the road, we have to be careful and obey a set of rules that are pre-set. And these rules include not entering the water without a leash preventing the board from drifting (and causing an accident) in the event of a fall. It is essential to have the board always around, especially on the outside, where sometimes there are currents and it is neck-deep. Even if you are a beginner you have to know some rules of good coexistence in the water:

The priority of the wave is always who is closest to the peak;
Never drop someone else’s wave if they are positioned;
On the outside, there is an order to be respected in a row that can be considered imaginary.

5.Respect your boundaries

In the ocean, the human being is a guest. It merely enjoys and admires that immense force of nature. For this reason, if we are not familiar with the waves in front of us, then perhaps it is best not to risk it. The type of wave and the size of the sea is something we learn to read over time, so it is best to know our limits. And by knowing what they are, and respecting them, it is halfway to being a successful surfer. A beginner, for example, should look for soft, easy waves, half a meter (no more) in their first sessions. And little by little evolution happens!

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