Surfing – Top reasons for you to start now!

After all there is nothing that a day of surfing does not cure.

It is a great way to exercise

We can start by saying that it is an exclusive way to stay young. In addition to demanding agility, endurance and improving cardiovascular condition, surfing is one of the few sports where it is possible to work arms, abdomen and legs almost simultaneously favoring all the muscle groups of the body.

Not to mention all body awareness that the practice can offer, helping you to develop balance, improve your reflexes and motor coordination. To be objective: Yes, you can lose weight – in a healthy way – with practice, forget the gym, just go to the beach!

No limitations for age or gender!

Five-year-olds can start surfing as well as people over 30. Countries like Australia, California and beach towns generally have even over 60’s.

Increases gratitude

Many people complain about stagnation in life. They strive, they evolve, they study, and at some point they have the feeling that they reached the peak [or even the exhaustion of that subject]. The difficulty of the sport ends up driving each “mini-conquest”: how to stand, sit on the board, hit the base, give a knee and the like. In the case of surfing you have the possibility to remain passionate: each drop in the sea will be unique, its track is always in motion like no other sport is, which promotes an equally unique sensation and I guarantee: no wave will be the same as another. The challenges only serve to stimulate more and more of this unforgettable pleasure. 

There are no restrictions or limitations to start

You do not have to be born on the beach and you do not even have to aim to be the next world champion, but just choose to take up surfing as a hobby. You just have to have what any sport requires: be in good physical shape, have no medical restriction and no serious respiratory or cardiac problems. The only risk for those who are fit is: Addiction, when you start to have fun on the board, you won’t be able to stop.

You have a good chance of knowing the real meaning of the balance between physical and mental well-being

In some countries surfing is also seen as a kind of therapy helping to improve cases of depression, autism, cystic fibrosis, and stress-induced or trauma-related disorders.

Contact with water and nature – as we all know very well – gives us a chance to connect with very different things. Than the big cities, the offices and transport usually offer. Surfing is good for the soul. The origin of surfing was the main belief that the practice of sport helped people to get rid of any “negative energy.” It is unanimous for practitioners that the activity helps to relax, creates tranquility, improves sleep and avoids stress. Despite the fatigue generated by the exercise, there is a state of happiness that only those who have already “dropped” a wave know.

It is a community and a chance to socialize

As in every community the basic rule is respect, if you know how to respect each other’s turn and work with that mind value, there is a GREAT chance for you to meet new people with principles and ideals very similar to yours. And who knows, maybe even unraveling in style?

Your ambitions and dreams are all about surfing

Surfing is by far one of the main persistence workouts and learning how to surf is also a good way to learn how to deal with the frustrations and anxiety present on every journey to success. Recalculating, testing new approaches, humanizing and prototyping are terms of the competitive labor market and are also in the mouths of those who do not give up salt water. A good and true surfer does not want to be better than another [out of the championships at least], they just want to be better than himself! The corporate world is as wild as the sea and if you learn to overcome your fears that paralyze you today: neither sky nor sea will be your limit.

Now go to the beach!

Already mastered the art of surfing? Now is the time to try Stand Up Paddle surfing!

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