Learn Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing is part of Hawaii’s cultural history. Introduced by the Polynesians when they arrived at the Hawaiian Islands centuries ago, surfing still is one of the most popular local activities. You can find different beach breaks for all surf levels, as Hawaii is a great place to learn how to surf. Pacific Surf School is located in two places in Hawaii, both known for having perfect waves for beginners. Check them out below and choose your next destination:

Maui – Lahaina

Surfing is a big part of Hawaii’s traditions and past time activity. That is why your vacation is not complete until you surf the Hawaiian waters! And, the beautiful and iconic island of Maui is a great place to live this experience. It holds more beginner and intermediate surf breaks than any other island in Hawaii.
Maui, the second largest Hawaiian Island, is also known for the sacred Iao Valley and the location for the humpback wales migration.
Surf Lessons in Maui

Oahu – Waikiki

Located on the south coast of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach is one of the most famous and filmed beaches in the world! Well-known as a surf spot for longboarders, beginners and intermediate surfers that want to learn how to surf or improve their skills, Waikiki is the perfect spot to have the full Hawaiian experience.
The beach is easy to reach once the majority of visitors stay in Waikiki. The area also holds a great meaning for fans of the sport once it was playground for the royalty in old Hawaii.
Surf Lessons in Waikiki

Photo by Subtle Cinematics on Unsplash

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