Best Surf Spots in San Diego

The Top 5 Best Surf Spots in San Diego

Surfer walking along the shore looking for the best surf spot

Do you need some vacation time? It’s time to grab your surfboard and hit the waves!

Explore the best surf spots in the most beautiful city in the world – San Diego. San Diego has some true adventure waiting for you; a paradise for surfers.

Home to one of the most thrilling and world-renowned surf sites, San Diego is known as one of the best surf destinations in the world. Packed with lots of rocky point breaks, beginner-friendly beaches, clear skies and the bright blue Pacific Ocean, San Diego gives off the best vibe and loads of sunshine to make sure every second feels like vacation.

This post will unwrap the top five San Diego surf spots we recommend to make the most out of your trip. 

So, if you want to go to San Diego and experience all the fun of surfing, eating great food, and roaming around the best places in the beautiful City of San Diego then go with one of the locations listed – meant for true enjoyment!


Aerial view of Black's Beach

Hugged by the bluffs of Torrey Pines and overlooked by one of the most famous golf courses, Torrey Pines Golf Course, Blacks Beach is a great surf spot for both expert and beginner surfers.

The beloved ‘Nude Beach’ of San Diego is named after the Black family and enriched with a great history that still has a lot to unwrap. The eye-pleasing natural beauty and clear ocean make it a great place to visit. At Black’s Beach, you’ll find great hiking and beautiful perfect waves. However, there is always room for uncertainty. So always be careful when hiking the trails and keep aware of rip currents and large waves. 


Aerial view of the beach shoreline in Oceanside, California

Nestled in the north of San Diego, Oceanside is loaded with some great fun and waves to catch for beginner and intermediate surfers. The place is a nice option to visit as it offers a different range of waves for all levels of surfers. Home to one of the best surfers’ communities, Oceanside offers waves from both sides north and south to create some great fun for surfers.

The best part is that the city has great arrangements for nightlife as well. So after having a great day of surfing, you can roam around to some cool places like the exquisitely curated Oceanside Museum of Art, seabird resort, or the Oceanside Surf Museum. 

 Perfect wave forming on Lower Trestles Beach

There is not much debate that Lower Trestles is the best wave in California and a paradise for surfers – Lowers is a world-class wave. 

Widely known as “Lowers,” the place has gained a great reputation as a professional surfing training ground. The beloved spot for World champion surfer Kelly Slater, this place attracts the most pros and biggest crowds. If you’re trying surfing for the first time, make sure it’s not crowded and Lowers will provide good waves to surf. 


Surf spot on La Jollas' Windansea Beach

Originally known as Neptune Beach up until the early 1900s, La Jolla Windansea Beach is one of the oldest and considered one of the best surf spots in San Diego. Perfect for all-level surfers, this beach is home to rocky beaches and lots of marine life. Experienced, intermediate, or new surfers – there is something exciting here for level. Loaded with great fun activities, the spot is quite popular in the surfing world for its shapely waves that can range from between two and ten feet high. Perfect for long breaks, La Jolla Windansea provides enough adventures to make a great trip. 


The pier in Pacific Beach California

Pacific Beach, aka P.B., is revered for its scenic beauty and waves that attract surfers from all over the world. What sets it apart from other places in San Diego is the many tourist activities and overall vibe. There are lots of fun things to do in PB. If you are looking for the best surf lessons, look no further than the best surf school in San Diego; Pacific Surf School! Our surf lessons are a great experience for people traveling in San Diego and Pacific Surf School teaches people of all levels and ages.

Popularly known as San Diego’s, one of the most developed nightlife places, Pacific Beach offers some great restaurants, eateries, and shops worth visiting to explore something thrilling. Pacific beach is a great destination with lots of activities for family trips and vacations with friends!

Learn to Surf With Pacific Surf

If you love surfing and exploring tropical places, then San Diego should be at the top of your bucket list. From crystal clear waters that are filled with colorful fish, giant reefs, and caves for exploring and snorkeling – there’s never a dull moment when you’re in San Diego.

Home to some of the most exciting and beloved surf spots, San Diego offers a lot to make your trip memorable – a trip that you will keep in your heart forever until you come back!

We hope that you find our list of the best San Diego surf spots helpful. If you are a beginner ready to take your first class or an intermediate rider wanting to improve your surfing skills, book a class with Pacific Surf School today!

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