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7 Things You Should Look for When Booking a Surf School in San Diego

Want to learn to surf in Southern California? Then check out our following article for more information about the 7 things you should look for when booking a lesson at a surf school in San Diego. First of all, we’d like to congratulate you on making the decision to learn to surf. Even though just about … Read more

Surfing Level : What to know before your lesson!

Many people base their level of surfing based off of how well they did the first time they tried. This is a common miscommunication among students and surf instructors. Being able to communicate your current skill and experience level to your instructor before you begin your lesson is key to maximizing your experience at Pacific … Read more

Surfing Instructor

Through the duration of time I have worked at Pacific Surf School I have seen the surf instructor job in many lights. Some of our instructors use it as a summer gig and others have truly made the title “surf instructor” who they are. The job may not necessarily define them but their personalities and … Read more

Stingray Shuffle

Alright alright so you see the title of this blog, “Stingray Shuffle”, and you think to yourself, ”Is this a blog about a new dance move?” or maybe “Is it a blog about a sting ray migration?”. Well, if you were hoping for either of those two things, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I am … Read more

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