Why Start With a Foam Board?

Is a foam board required to start surfing? Is this type of board only suitable for beginners? We will show you the many advantages of a foam surfboard, not only for the initiation into the sport, but also to evolve or have fun catching waves! Check out: #1 Ideal for a smooth start Stable, thanks … Read more

Lessons That Surf Will Teach You

It can be difficult to describe the feelings a surfer has in the water. There are high doses of adrenaline when catching a wave, apprehension when getting wiped out, and complete peace when sitting on the board contemplating the nature around. Much more than a sport, surfing is a lifestyle – which brings lessons that … Read more

Surf in San Diego

One of the most famous places to surf in the world is certainly San Diego and surf is a big part of its culture. Surfing is passed down from generation to generation. Definitely, tourists also take the opportunity to learn how to surf and enjoy this experience. So here you can find you some cool … Read more

One Way Ticket to Waco

Yes you read that right, Waco. Not to be mistake with the notorious Kelly Slater’s “Wave Co.” As of last week, there seems to be another player in the mix for man-made surf pools. Now being call the BSR Surf Resort located in Waco Texas, spearheaded by Stuart Parsons, the owner of Barefoot Surf Ranch, … Read more