Surf Lessons in San Diego: How to Apply Surf Wax

  Surf wax is important to any surfer. After all, it’s what prevents you from slipping and falling off of your board. It’s the surf wax that provides traction and grip on the board, without which all of the surf lessons in San Diego wouldn’t help you catch a wave. Knowing how to apply surf … Read more

San Diego Surf Spots

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the beach! Surfing is seemingly omnipresent in San Diego all year round, from surf-themed bars and restaurants to clothing and art, but it is even more a part of our daily lives in the summer.  Whether you are an expert surfer or just looking to begin lessons, … Read more

How the Surfboard Has Evolved

People paddling out into the San Diego surf over the years have undoubtedly noticed that surfboards have changed with the times. Originally invented by ancient Hawaiians, the first surfboards were part of a spiritual experience rather than being used for sport as they often are today. Ancient Hawaiians would pray for good surf and had … Read more

Surfing After It Rains

The DO’s and DONT’s of Surfing After a Rain Winter in California can bring some swell but also some rain. There are many different opinions about whether or not it is okay to surf during a rain and after a rain. Some surfers believe you’re fine if you say aay from drainpipes and inlets and … Read more

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