Welcome to Surf Ranch

Surfers from around the globe are heading inland this weekend to California’s farm country, to compete in the first-ever World Surf League competition. This innovative event is being held at a “surf ranch” in Lemoore, Calif. (about 30 miles south of Fresno). Kelly Slater, eleven time World Champion, has built what he refers to as … Read more

Surf Instructor

Through the duration of time I have worked at Pacific Surf School I have seen the surf instructor job in many lights. Some of our instructors use it as a summer gig and others have truly made the title “surf instructor” who they are. The job may not necessarily define them but their personalities and … Read more

Kelly Slater Wave Co. Updates

Kelly Slater Wave Co. has made some key updates to the wave park in Central California! Some of you readers may not even know what I am talking about so let me give a little background. Almost 2 years ago in December Kelly Slater released a video of himself surfing the artificial wave of every surfer’s … Read more

Give and Surf

Give and Surf. Our family here at Pacific Surf would like to introduce our blog readers to another local business in San Diego, Sagan Life LLC who has embarked on a journey with the Give and Surf Non Profit Organization to help children in Panama. Their mission is to empower the local communities of Bocos … Read more

“Tubular” The Art of Getting Barreled

Getting barreled… Sunny, warm air, refreshing glassy water, and barrels! Every surfers dream beach day. Talk to any salty haired, sandy foot, beach bum, and they will tell you. Tubes are the epitome of getting “stoked”. What does it take to get barreled you say? It’s an art. Lets start with the basics. Location, location, … Read more


What are kooks?   I am writing this blog, not to make fun of any surfers, but to inform readers about the surf term, kooks, and the stereotype surrounding it. I want you all to be aware of what a kook is and how to prevent people from using that word to describe you! By learning … Read more

Surfing – Top reasons for you to start now!


After all there is nothing that a day of surfing does not cure.   It is a great way to exercise We can start by saying that it is an exclusive way to stay young. In addition to demanding agility, endurance and improving cardiovascular condition, surfing is one of the few sports where it is possible … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Surf Vocabulary

Like any other slang, surf slang may sound like gibberish to anyone who doesn’t know the first thing about surfing. For starters, it’s useful to learn the names for different surfboard parts as well as basic types of surfboards. This should give you a head start. You can also join a surfing class in San … Read more

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