Discover Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a small country in Central America with excellent waves for all tastes, from tubes and stone benches for the more experienced, to easier beach breaks for beginners. Mind-blowing views and abundant nature make up the mood of the place, not to mention the hospitality you get from the local people. For the vast … Read more

Surfing Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very popular spot for surfing. It has great breaks for surfers of all ages and levels. As its name suggests, “Costa Rica” is a country with natural beauty and beautiful beaches. The tropical climate, great waves, and friendly people await you. It is no wonder that Costa Rica’s motto is “Pura … Read more

Best Boards for Beginners

Everyone who surfs was a beginner at one time. And surfing is considered one of the hardest sports to learn. It demands you to give yourself 100% to the sport and you have to be willing to go to the beach whenever there is a good swell. Anyone who has gone through this phase knows … Read more

Learning to Surf in San Diego

The perfect vacation trip involves relaxing time, fun, and new experiences. San Diego is a great place for a vacation. Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, San Diego is known as “America’s Finest City.” The city is famous for its miles and miles of white-sand beaches and amazing weather, and … Read more

Tips to Get Out of a Rip Current

There are several types of rip currents, varying in size, width, depth, shape, speed, and power. Surfers, as opposed to bathers, have a means of rescue (surfboard) that gives them more security in case they are pulled to the outside. What are Rip Currents? Rip Currents are very dangerous currents for swimmers or beginner surfers. … Read more

Great Tips For Safe Surfing

Surfing can be considered a safe sport, but like all action sports, it involves some risks. If you are a beginner or an intermediate, we list some of the points that deserve attention to have fun and return home safely. #1 Collect information about where you are going to surf Before entering the sea, get … Read more

Why Start With a Foam Board?

Is a foam board required to start surfing? Is this type of board only suitable for beginners? We will show you the many advantages of a foam surfboard, not only for the initiation into the sport, but also to evolve or have fun catching waves! Check out: #1 Ideal for a smooth start Stable, thanks … Read more