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Benefits of a Private Surf Lesson

Surfing lessons are always going to make for a fun experience! Grabbing a surfboard and jumping into the water with some friends will bring smiles and joy to everyone no matter the skill level. Here at Pacific Surf, we encourage beginners to get themselves into surf lessons to develop fundamental skills. For those who

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Teaching Surf Lessons: the Dream Job

There is an old saying, “you can only become truly accomplished at something you love.” As a surf instructor for Pacific Surf School, I have the great fortune of experiencing this firsthand through my role. Working in the water, spending all day at the beach, and teaching people to get to their feet on

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Where to Take Surf Lessons in San Diego, CA

Surfing lessons in San Diego are among the best coaching you can receive in the sport of surfing. All permitted surf schools are required to see their instructors complete Water Safety Specialist training. The beautiful beaches and warm weather make for ideal learning conditions for surfing year-round. Pacific Surf has been conducting surf lessons

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Surfing in Hawaii

What better place in the world to learn surfing than the birthplace of wave riding? Pacific Surf School invites anyone nostalgic and stoked enough to take a surfing lesson in Hawaii locations with us. With lesson locations on three separate islands, you can surf the tropical waters of this awe-inspiring paradise. Taking a surfing

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Surfing In Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is a happening city with an array of beautiful beaches. Kind sand bottom beach breaks make for excellent options for learning to surf. Pacific Surf School offers the opportunity to take a surfing lesson in several Los Angeles locations. We provide the opportunity to get in the water if you’re in the

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What Time of the Year is Best for a Surfing Lesson

Here in sunny San Diego, there is rarely a time when taking a surf lesson will not be an awesome experience. Depending on your skill level, your physical condition, and your nerve, however, certain times of the year may offer more fun for some individuals. The summer days in Pacific Beach are unmatched when

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