“Tubular” The Art of Getting Barreled

Getting barreled… Sunny, warm air, refreshing glassy water, and barrels! Every surfers dream beach day. Talk to any salty haired, sandy foot, beach bum, and they will tell you. Tubes are the epitome of getting “stoked”. What does it take to get barreled you say? It’s an art. Lets start with the basics. Location, location, … Read more


What are kooks?   I am writing this blog, not to make fun of any surfers, but to inform readers about the surf term, kooks, and the stereotype surrounding it. I want you all to be aware of what a kook is and how to prevent people from using that word to describe you! By learning … Read more

Surf Lessons in San Diego: How to Apply Surf Wax

  Surf wax is important to any surfer. After all, it’s what prevents you from slipping and falling off of your board. It’s the surf wax that provides traction and grip on the board, without which all of the surf lessons in San Diego wouldn’t help you catch a wave. Knowing how to apply surf … Read more